On 21st March, 2013, I received a lawyer's letter about the property penalty due to breach of contract, which is the most painful thing for the whole year. I opened the letter and read in detail s and it scared me beyond my imagination. I figured out what it’s about. Last year, I bought a house in the downtown and there is a story. I went and saw the house with the real estate agency and the reception is Mr. Ma. Before my determination for the present horse, I saw another one with Mr. Ma and sign a contract about that. But later I found a better one so I change my mind. So I ask Ma to cancel the contract on the phone and arrived at the new one and he said no problem. I believed in him and as a result I received this lawyer’s letter. According to the contract, if I violate the treaty, I would have to pay for $1,000. How ridiculous it’s.

So I remitted to my friend Make, who has been a lawyer for 10 years, good at cases of housing contract and allocation of property in divorce. He had spent 3 hours to study the contract and finally had a well-though-out plan that he can win the lawsuit for me. I was so excited and appreciated. At last, he fulfilled his promise and undid the damage.

Thanks to Make, I got rid of the bothersome. In order to express my appreciation for Make, I decided to send a gift to him. Considering his profession, I think the gift should connect with lawyer. I had no idea what gift should be choose, so I searched for it with google. Finally, I found something interesting and very funny and absolutely a suitable and good gift idea. That’s custom dolls, which can be fully customized by the photos. I choose a photo of Make and place an order for a bobblehead for lawyer on Bobbles.Com.Au, declared the bobblehead would be 99% likeness guarantee.

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Comment by maria swift on December 8, 2013 at 6:02am


That's an expensive gift for your lawyer. Didn't you pay him enough already?





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